Kiddwaya Reveals Why He Is Not Yet Ready For Marriage

Reality tv star, Kiddwaya has said he is not ready to settle down with any woman because he has so much to achieve before tying the knot.

Speaking on why he is not ready to marry, Kiddwaya acknowledged the fact that one can achieve everything whether married or single but feels it is necessary for him to seal the bags among other things before he settles down.

He went on to say that marriage is a lifelong thing in which one must be ready and willing to uphold its values no matter what. Mentioning commitment as one of the values, he said he is not ready to be committed to any woman.

He added that he does not believe in forcing people to marry before their time since the act creates an avenue for people to cheat and commit adultery. To him, a person must be ready mentally before he enters into a marriage.

He ended by saying he is waiting for the Lord’s time to marry the woman of his dreams.

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